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“ask dr. sherry” weekly column

Thousands of women (and some men) write weekly to Dr. Sherry for relationship, love, career, parenting, and a variety of other topics to get advice on everyday life issues. Our goal is to meet people where they are and bringing a collaborative such as this column allows hundreds of thousands of people access to mental/emotional health services in a non threatening environment. VISIT NOW



braxton family values

We call them our “First Media Family!” Many know Dr. Sherry from hit WeTv series Braxton Family Values, where she appeared the first 4 seasons as the family therapist. This partnerships allowed us to expose millions to mental health/wellness services and was a major launch in the Dr. Sherry platform on a global level. Check your local listings to catch up on the latest episodes.



mental health expert: msnbc

Aligning with powerhouse networks such as MSNBC, keeps our voice in the spotlight and keeps Dr. Sherry relevant on the minds of millions. Dr. Sherry is often called upon by major news outlet to respond to crisis and major news stories that break around the globe. WATCH DR. SHERRY ON HARDBALL