Clinical Psychologist and Media Personality Dr. Sherry Blake raises awareness on mental health and the work of her foundation.

Since 2011, we have led efforts to reduce mental health stigma and raise awareness to underserved populations. With media partnerships we have been at the forefront of numerous breaking headlines impacting our country.


Our Mission

The mission is to reduce mental health stigma, increase mental health awareness, and promote mental wellness in underserved populations. We educate, encourage, and empower individuals and provide training to organizations regarding mental health. We have implemented programs and strategies to reduce mental health stigma and promote mental health stigma and promote mental health awareness. This drives our vision to improve the health and lifestyle of individuals as we educate locally and impact globally about mental health.


Experts in……

  • The mental health industry, Edge Empowerment Foundation (EEF) was found by media personality Dr. Sherry Blake, a licensed clinical psychologist with 30+ years of experience and over 100,000 hours of direct and indirect services.

  • Unique ability to communicate and connect with people about mental health topics

  • Cultivate relationships and alliances with individuals and corporations regarding mental health and wellness.

I really enjoyed the forum Edge Empowerment hosted featuring Dr. Sherry. Her speech reminded me of how I deal with clients in my professional setting as a therapist. At first it’s hard for many African-Americans to seek counseling because many look for spiritual help when therapy and medication interventions are needed . Dr. Sherry was a very down to earth person and was able to talk with me and why my husband as if we have known her all our lives.
— Crystal Christian/Paris

our impact


Media Personality Dr. Sherry has appeared on numerous reality shows and has introduced mental health and wellness to over 20 million households across all her appearances.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Media Personality Dr. Sherry has over 100,000 hours of both direct and indirect services that she has provided.


Dr. Sherry has been in the mental health industry for over 35 years and in private practice for more than 30 years.